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Who is behind

Hi, I'm Audria

With a degree in Primary and Early Childhood Education, I have worked as a teacher in different countries.

I've worked with children and adults in different languages and got to know what it is to teach and learn a new language.
I offer one-to-one, online and in-person classes.

I help you develop the ability to communicate in a new language in very little time, using a program tailored to you.

Personalised classes from an amusing perspective.


Teaching since 1996, I have taught children, teenagers, and adults. In Brazil, I was a Primary Teacher in public schools and worked in adult literacy. In Spain, I tutored second-grade students and taught Spanish to adults applying for Spanish nationality.
After having lived in three different countries, I know what it is like to learn a foreign language. I understand your feelings and fears as a student.
Based on my own experience as a language student and as a Teacher, I can help you learn quicker (and painlessly).

That is the reason why I create personalised classes.


We will study based on your favourite subject. If you like

music, we will use songs to learn Spanish. If you like

Spanish gastronomy, we will use recipes. If you're

interested in History, we will learn Spanish through La Toma

de Granada, El Descubrimiento de America, La Pepa,

and other great moments in the History of Spain.
And above all, you will use what you are learning

and practice it a lot with some technics I will teach

In three months, you will be able to see how much

you have improved.

"Hi, my name is Simone.
I had online English classes with Audria, and I totally recommend it. Her teaching method is excellent."

Simone, Brazil

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