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Pick Your Language

English for beginners

Learn English fast and effectively at a pace that will help you get started living in a foreign country, even if you have very little knowledge of the language.I'll help you take the first steps in speaking English for work and daily life. We'll focus on practical skills for everyday use, using what you already know and learning basic concepts that will make your life in the UK a lot easier.


Beginner to Advanced Spanish

Learn Spanish with a native teacher that knows what it is to experience it as a second language. I lived in Spain for twenty years and acquired citizenship. I have taught Spanish to foreigners who aimed to pass the Spanish citizenship exam.I am a native Spanish who understands your perspective as a student, and I'll help you learn Spanish seamlessly.


Beginner to Advanced Portuguese

Learn Portuguese with a native teacher, experienced in foreign languages. Whether you're just starting out or have been speaking it for some time, I'll help you develop your abilities and be able to engage in conversation with both Portuguese and Brazilian natives. My goal is for you to speak confidently while having fun in the learning process.

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