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Running against the watch.

Hi there.

It's true that if you study every day at the same time and place, your brain will create a route for this activity, which will make it easier for you to get started and keep focused because your brain gets used to the fact that, at that time and place, it is what "it" has to do.

But... (and there is always a but in life) if you are running against time with your job, college, children, house, bills, emails... It can be quite impossible for you to dedicate time to learn a

new language. Especially if you do it for pleasure.

But (and this is a good but) that is no reason to give up. Just use your "waiting times."

Keep on your mobile some audios in the language you are trying to learn. When you are waiting in the queue at the supermarket, just plug in your headphones and enjoy your favourite language. At the doctor’s waiting room? Listen to a 1-minute audio in Spanish, Portuguese, or whatever language you like and enjoy your learning.

If you don't have time to study, leverage those moments you cannot do anything else other than get bored and look at your phone. Above all, don't let the learning process be a new source of stress. Keep it as a relaxed and enjoyable moment.

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