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Hello, I'm Bessie!

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Hi, everyone! Let's start showing who Bessie is.'s me. I was born in Brazil in 1969. I like to say that I was born to see man step on the moon. My youngest daughter (I have four) says I am from the past century. I don't know, but maybe she is saying I'm old. If you've had a look at the page, you already know that I am a Primary Teacher. I love to teach. Currently, I am studying a PSc (Hons) in Psychology with Counselling, and I love it too. Bessie Languages is a way for me can keep teaching while studying, and I hope you enjoy learning a new language with me as much as I enjoy Teaching and Psychology.

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Olá, meu nome e Simone.

Tive aulas de inglês on LINE , com a professora Audria, super recomendo, o método de ensino é excelente,

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